Active projects

Today Ukraine is going through difficult times! Thousands of people were left homeless because of Russian troops that invaded our territory. Every day our army does everything possible so that tomorrow we can see the peaceful sky above our heads. Our people are united more than ever before! Everyone contributes to the victory! Our foundation […]
Currently, dozens of thousands of people from different parts of Ukraine have lost their homes and are forced to start a new life, seek a refuge in Chernivtsi. In this regard, our Ukrainian director has got an idea – to create the FIRST information and service cafe in Chernivtsi. This facility is located next to […]
The ongoing war in Ukraine requires huge amounts of donated blood to save lives. Every day the need for blood transfusions arises among thousands of people who are between life and death. In most cases, only a blood donation can save lives. We know that there is a lack of donor blood, but even in […]

Finished projects

Long before the creation of the foundation itself, the idea occurred to help those people who cannot cope with everyday life on their own. Employees of Yukon Software and Desyde are concerned and ready to respond to the call of those who need it. But how to make the assistance not one-time but permanent?
Assistance is provided to children (18-year-olds included), the disabled, and other people in dire need, usually through hospitals, boarding schools, disability communities, and other institutions. Assistance is provided almost exclusively in kind (drugs, food, essentials, etc.)
HAPPY CHILDHOOD. CHILDREN ARE THE FLOWERS OF LIFE. These expressions are taken by us for granted, as something that should be accepted by everyone without objection. Parents must strive to create large and friendly families, and the country must take care of and support the desire of people to have more children.
All the people who take an active part in the work of the Yukon Foundation were brought up as patriots by the older generations and, of course, could not get past the problems facing the elderly, war and labor veterans.
HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND... Unfortunately, this is often not the case today. It's about a healthy spirit. The growth of the number of mentally ill people is increasingly worrying doctors around the world, as mental disorders are the most significant only after cardiovascular disease.