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Blood donations

The ongoing war in Ukraine requires huge amounts of donated blood to save lives. Every day the need for blood transfusions arises among thousands of people who are between life and death. In most cases, only a blood donation can save lives. We know that there is a lack of donor blood, but even in peacetime in Ukraine, the lives of thousands of patients were endangered due to lack of donor blood every day. These are both people who were in accidents and those who need surgery. Blood transfusions are performed not only because of large blood losses, but there are a number of diseases that cannot be treated without systematic transfusions of blood and blood components.

Therefore, back in 2008, when we first established the foundation, one of the first projects we started was a voluntary blood donation project. This project is still operating successfully and up to 2021 we made 358 blood donations, which equals more than 166 liters of blood, through the joint efforts of voluntary donors.

In addition, the tasks of this project are:

– informing about the usefulness and necessity of blood donation, because it is the ignorance of the population about the procedure and benefits of blood donation that is one of the main reasons for such a significant shortage of donated blood in Ukraine;

– promotion of free blood donations;

– encouraging as many people as possible to do such necessary and humane work as blood donation.

We have created a blood bank and a donor bank of our charity foundation. Our donors are ready to come for immediate help to any health care institution in Chernivtsi at any time.

You are welcome to join our project. Your decision can be vital for someone!


To make a donation, click the Donate button or use the bank details