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Charity Hour

Long before the creation of the foundation itself, the idea occurred to help those people who cannot cope with everyday life on their own. Employees of Yukon Software and Desyde are concerned and ready to respond to the call of those who need it. But how to make the assistance not one-time but permanent?

To implement it better, the form was invented, it is Charity Hour, our first project. Each employee can contribute in this way – to work an extra hour once a week, and the money earned during this time will go to charity. It may seem that an hour a week is not enough, because there are so many people in need of help… But an hour plus an hour, a penny plus a penny, and it is not the first month that we have continued to systematically implement this idea. We collect ideas on how to use the raised funds for charitable purposes within the team. Turnover and money spent are recorded.

We address the enterprises and communities of the city and region. Why don’t you offer such a system? Maybe there will be enthusiasts who are concerned about other people’s grief and who have long wanted to help but have not known how.