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Medical and psychosocial support in partnership with MTI

Almost from the very beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, we started our fruitful cooperation with the international charitable organization MTI (Medical Teams International). Employees of this organization immediately arrived in Ukraine with a noble and extremely important goal, i.e. to help people affected by the war.
Together we visited a lot of shelters where displaced people temporarily live, talked with hundreds of affected people, learned about what they need most and, without wasting time, immediately started implementing our plans to help these people.

With the assistance of the foundation’s employees, transportation of a lot of basic but life-saving medical aid to Ukraine was organized: medicines, medical equipment, wheelchairs for people with disabilities, etc. The important thing is that aid is delivered not only to shelters in Chernivtsi but also to remote settlements of the region. Together with our volunteer colleagues, we carefully process requests from all IDP sites, so we have no doubt that all the assistance we provide works as intended.

Currently, we are actively working on a common project, involving various specialists, including doctors, to provide even more professional assistance. It is important to understand that in such a difficult period it is critical not only to help physical health, but also to work on the psychological condition of the victims. Our team works in different directions to ensure a comprehensive approach to the recovery and normalization of the health condition of Ukrainians.

We do not stop and make great efforts every day for our common goal, i.e. victory!
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