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The Future Is in Our Hands


These expressions are taken by us for granted, as something that should be accepted by everyone without objection. Parents must strive to create large and friendly families, and the country must take care of and support the desire of people to have more children. After all, people are the biggest treasure of the country. The country must work for the people but not the other way round.

Unfortunately, the system of governmental support for socially vulnerable groups of Ukraine does not yet provide a decent standard of living for large families. Most parents in large families cannot afford certain things (clothes, toys, gifts, food, summer holidays) for their kids that others have. However, children are not to blame for Ukraine’s current economic and political woes. Their childhood should be happy! That’s why we really want to help the families who have the greatest wealth, i.e. children, but there are no funds for their normal maintenance.

One of the points of the Yukon foundation charity program is to promote the protection of motherhood and childhood and provide assistance to large and low-income families. To implement this point of the program, the Yukon Charity Foundation is launching a new project, i.e. assistance to low-income families with many children, which we called The Future Is in Our Hands. After all, the future of the whole of Ukraine depends on how we raise children, whether they will be decent members of society. And adequate upbringing of children cannot happen without a minimal sufficient standard of living. We will try to improve the living conditions of children and their parents by providing material support to large families. To implement this project, we call for the cooperation of charity foundations, government officials, and ordinary citizens who care what we will leave behind and what our country will be like after us.