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Today Ukraine is going through difficult times! Thousands of people were left homeless because of Russian troops that invaded our territory. Every day our army does everything possible so that tomorrow we can see the peaceful sky above our heads. Our people are united more than ever before! Everyone contributes to the victory!

Our foundation could not stay aside in such hard times for the people of Ukraine, so we opened a new project Stand with Ukraine, the main purpose of which is to help the Ukrainian people during the armed aggression of the Russian Federation on our land. The directions in the project may be very different (assistance to inhabitants of the territories where hostilities are taking place, assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are in our region now, etc.), but our goal in this project is to help our citizens in times of the violent war and bring our victory closer.

Together with our Dutch partners under the motto “Stand with Ukraine”, we announced a fundraiser. Within this fundraiser, we have already purchased more than 20 tons of groceries and more than 200 first-aid kits in Poland, which have been transported to Chernivtsi, and now we are helping with providing food in the places of stay of IDPs and forwarding it to the residents of the most affected areas of hostilities in Ukraine. Medical equipment (the defibrillator), which was transferred to us from Poland, was granted for providing first aid at the refugee reception center at the Chernivtsi railway station. We have also ordered from a local manufacturer and are handing over 1,000 beds with mattresses to the places of stay of IDPs in our city. We continue to monitor the immediate needs of the people during the war and react to them.

The fundraiser is ongoing. All funds raised by the charity foundation are directed at the project implementation. The foundation does not spend money on administrative costs.

Don’t stay away! Do everything within your power to support the long-suffering people of Ukraine.

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