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Remember the past, think about the future

All the people who take an active part in the work of the Yukon Foundation were brought up as patriots by the older generations and, of course, could not get past the problems facing the elderly, war and labor veterans. To help this esteemed part of society, we are launching a new project to promote the veterans’ movement, which we have called Remember the Past, Think About the Future. The foundation has established close ties with the Chernivtsi Regional Council of Veterans. We never refuse help if the Veterans Council turns to our foundation. When the idea of ​​creating a veterans’ library came up, they decided to help veterans on a regular basis. Veterans and the elderly became users of the library. A lot of Ukrainian families have books that have no value for their owners. These are books of Soviet realism, historical books about the October Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Patriotic War, etc. These books are of interest primarily to veterans and the elderly. It also provides an opportunity to use books with the participation of veterans’ organizations to hold events on patriotic education of youth. The connection between the generations is being established. After reading patriotic books, you can hold meetings of veterans with young people, where you can compare the real events witnessed by veterans with those described in the books.