Humanitarian aid from Poland

12 August 2022

Our struggle is not over, it is important not to forget it and to help those in need and those who defend our land. Our foundation continues its work, and recently we received and successfully delivered a new batch of humanitarian aid from charitable organizations in Poland.

Fundacja Forum provided us with:
– 1 ton of dry milk;
– more than 100 kg of baby food;
– 6 canisters of antiseptic liquid;
– more than 400 glucometers for measuring blood sugar and 18,000 strips needed for them.
– 100 first-aid kits.

Fundacja Hearty Foundation provided us with:
– 30 hemostatic sets;
– 10 hemostatic materials.

We sincerely thank the funds for their care and support of the citizens of Ukraine!

The report on the distribution of humanitarian aid will come soon.