Everyone needs comfortable sleep

28 April 2022

Visiting the places where internally displaced persons (IDPs) are staying, we had the opportunity to talk to them in person and identify the most acute problems. There are a lot of needs, but one of the most important was beds, because there weren’t any in the accommodation at all. Kindergarten beds are not designed for adult sleep, while in schools, lyceums, and gyms, IDPs are sleeping on the floor. Healthy sleep is an important part of any person’s life. We may not consider this need to be extremely important, as we sleep in comfortable beds. But believe me, IDPs, like no one else, need just that, because for 2 months they haven’t known what peace and comfort are. It is unknown how many more nights people will have to spend on the floor. That’s why we decided to start fundraising for the beds. After a quick survey of Chernivtsi bed manufacturers and agreeing on the maximum possible discount, we made an order for 1,000 beds and paid 70% in advance. Are 1000 beds enough? Of course, no.
In just 2 weeks, we were able to provide 460 IDPs with new beds for comfortable recovery.

We are not going to stop, there will be more ahead!