A new batch of first-aid kits!

09 May 2022

In a state of war, first-aid kits are essential and should be for everyone. After all, timely first aid increases the chances of preserving the health and sometimes even life of a victim.
Unfortunately, not all places where internally displaced persons (IDPs) are and places with large concentrations of people are provided with the necessary first-aid kits.

Schindler Group is an international partner who for the second time has prepared for us a batch of more than 1,000 units of new, fully equipped first-aid kits, which we have successfully transported to Chernivtsi, Ukraine. The total cost of this batch is over 17,000 euros. All first-aid kits have a high-quality and essential composition for first aid.
In the nearest future, all the first-aid kits received will be transferred to places where they are really needed.

The report will come soon.
We appreciate the trust of our partners and everyone who cares.
We continue to work!