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Giving to Charity Makes Your Life Richer

In our life for the most time we are egoists,...


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The Meaning of Charity
Thursday, 07 August 2008 00:00

Charity. If to consider the meaning of this word, it is a simple word on the one hand. But on the other – it has a great sense. In fact, the conception is well-known to everyone, and everyone understands why it is necessary, but few can realize it in practice. The idea or decision should mature; the same way was done by us – from ideas, reflections “is it worthy or not”. And after some time we started doing something. We started from small – helped people who surrounded us, and who were in need for elementary things, such as: medicine, clothes or, even, food. It's difficult to realize for someone but there are a lot of people around us who need charity, and during this help we started to draw friends, relatives to the project. Thus, step by step, an idea of setting the organization which could be a connecting-link was born from the little idea. It will help to reach new level and to cover as much people as possible.

Andriy Bartkiv

Giving to Charity Makes Your Life Richer
Wednesday, 06 August 2008 00:00

In our life for the most time we are egoists, we think only about something good for ourselves. But if we think about other people, especially those ones who have some problems that we don't have, that are poor, or ill, or ... Then we could start understanding that we can do something to change their life to better.

A lot of ambitious human beings want to change the world... They are trying to do this but see no results. One of the ways to change the world - is to start giving to charity. Before doing this you should win the first battle - the battle with yourself, with laziness and indifference. Giving to charity will bring sense to life of those people who are frequently in depression and in bad mood. This will give you power to understand your great positive influence upon the world as you will see the results of your actions - happy eyes of the human beings you helped to.

All religions mention charity as the way to become nearer to God. But even if you don't believe in God you may find your own way in life by giving to charity - helping people will help you to understand that you have all the possibilities to improve the world - just try!

Leonid Rozenblium

A Friend in Need...
Wednesday, 06 August 2008 00:00

When you are ill with such a disease like haemophilia, your life is a constant ascent and descent. The worsening comes unexpectedly, at that, a timely and correct treating is very important. Not only health but even life frequently depends on this.

Preparations made of donors’ blood in large quantities are necessary for treatment. But our hospitals are in great need for blood, that's why it's necessary to solve the problem by own possibilities. Fortunately, nothing is lost when there are people ready to help in difficult moments of life. More than once my colleagues helped in such cases, donated their blood. Now they are participants of the project, do this regularly. Donating – is a noble act; figuratively speaking, a donor gives a part of his soul with a blood.

I am obliged to these people for the good they do!

Dmytro Rezhko

To Be Lucky
Wednesday, 06 August 2008 00:00

All people start and end their course of life equally. On this way somebody is lucky more than other.

I am lucky – I was born in a place where I could spend careless childhood, to study and to find the job I like today. I am lucky to be healthy and to be in a company of cheerful people. I am lucky...

But there are those people around us, who are not so fortunate. And most of all – because not in the right place and in the right time. They often say “bad luck” or “such is a fortune”... But who of those that say this tried to do at least anything to change this world? To leave something in the life of strange person. For no particular reason. Just for a smile. While buying a toy for a child from children's home, donating blood, helping old people with unnecessary things, or just leading old woman across a road, you're changing the world, presenting him more smiles. You don't just say. You do... and you are proud of thing that your life is not for nothing – it brings good and joy not only to you.

Oleksandr Baglay