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Another 2 people donated 980 gr of blood...



Regular Blood Donation
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 14:53
There was a regular blood donation event held by the volunteers of Yukon Charity Foundation. We donated 1,960 ml of blood which can save someone's life in the nearest future. If anybody wants to become a donor and contribute to our blood bank – you are always welcome!
Improvement of the Conditions of Patients' Stay in Mental Hospital Continues
Saturday, 29 September 2012 13:26
Once again we help the Mental Hospital to make the conditions of patients' stay more comfortable. This time we donated the equipment for conducting repair works in the amount of 934 hryvnas, building materials for the 1st Department in the amount of 178.80 hryvnas, building materials for conducting repair works in the community centre  in the amount of 1,105 hryvnas.
Great News!
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 00:00
Sometimes optimism and faith in better things can conquer the harsh reality. We are referring to a great joy for our Foundation and a real miracle for the Strelnikov family. German doctors saved the life of little Dima Strelnikov and helped regain his health. Unfortunately the level of medicine in Ukraine not only did not allow to cure the boy but also condemned him to death. Only owing to the efforts of a great number of people from different countries of the world, now, after the surgery, Dima has a completely healthy heart.

But let's relate the facts as they actually happened. When Dima's parents had turned to us for help we realized that there were almost no chances to raise such an enormous amount of money for the surgery – about 60,000 euro – in Ukraine. That was why we focused our efforts on the search for European charity foundations which would be interested in the history of Strelnikovs' struggle for the life of their child. We found such a foundation in Great Britain, it's called Children's Hearts and it helps children with serious cardiac pathologies. After negotiating and checking all the documents, the Foundation allocated half of the necessary amount of money for surgery and found a number of charitable organizations in Germany which agreed to allocate some money, too. There was still one thing that needed to be done. It was necessary to collect a small amount of money to conduct the surgery. We asked the Chernivtsi City Charitable Foundation Charity for financial support. Dima was included in the list of children who were given financial assistance based on the results of the municipal charity ball organized by the Chernivtsi City Council together with the Foundation Charity. Money collected after the charity ball and the funds transferred to the bank account of Dima's parents covered the cost of the surgery.

In May 2012 in the German Heart Institute Berlin, Dima successfully underwent a complicated hours-long heart surgery. German doctors performed a miracle and entirely cured Dima's congenital heart defect. Not only was the little boy's life saved, he also became a healthy child! After the rehabilitation course under the supervision of doctors in Germany, Dima returned home with his parents.

We'd like to express our gratitude to all the people who were directly or indirectly involved in saving little Dima Strelnikov and showed a successful example of how consolidated efforts can save a human life which is so important to all of us!

Regular Blood Donation Event
Monday, 09 July 2012 12:36
Once again we held a voluntary blood donation event. Three donors from our Foundation collectively donated 1,470 ml of blood. All unindifferent people are welcome to become volunteers and donate some blood as many people are in need of blood right now and it is your blood that can help save a human life.
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