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News about Zhukovs
Monday, 27 July 2009 11:52

News of 13.01.10.

Two days ago Natasha's mother got into touch with the foundation. Today, after meeting with Alla, childrens' mother, we learned the details of treatment. The worst thing is behind, Natalia overcomes the crisis. Till the end of December Natalia was in resuscitation unit, supported by her mother. All this time Natalia had been bleeding, hemoglobin fell to 48. Bleeding stopped only in January. The mother bought medicine for the money collected on the treatment, there was no assistance from the hospital. To stop the bleeding "Traneksam" has been injected for three months. It is more than 230 UAH per week. In addition to — the list of 8-10 medicines used for treatment. Novoseven wasn't given even in the most critical days, they just transfused blood and plasma to maintain hemoglobin. If Novoseven wasn't given in such condition, it is clear then that all our requests will be meaningless. Now the liver began to recover, bleeding stopped, but for how long? As they stopped giving hormones, physiological bleeding would begin soon. Natalia has anemia, hemoglobin does not rise above 90. Only regenerating medicine is needed for the time being, other treatment is impossible till the complete renewal of liver functions.

News of 02.11.09.

Unfortunately, no good news yet. Natasha's liver functions are not restored. Haemoglobin fell below 80. Out of the collected money mother bought 3 vials of Immunate — factor of blood to stop bleeding. Unfortunately, in connection with the announced quarantine, our donors can not donate blood - nobody can guarantee the absence of virus in the blood now. On Saturday, we gave children's mother certificates on 4 portions of blood for plasma transfusion, which was held semi-annual review.

News of 20.10.09.

Natalia's condition is still hard. The liver is not functioning. Haemoglobin owing to medicines bought by the foundation yesterday is at 88. An interesting story is about medicine. As we told before, the doctors said that Natalia is provided with all medicines. But yesterday, urgently, it was necessary to buy the drug "Traneksam" to stop the bleeding. We managed to find and bring it in time, but what worth the answers of medical officers given us then... The blood will not be given to the girl until haemoglobin reaches the mark of 65, because someone else's blood - is an extra load to the liver. Therefore, our donors are waiting at the moment. Today a consultation between doctors was held, but they have not taken any decision about Natalia's further treatment.

News of 19.10.09.

Unfortunately, bad news. Natasha's liver functions broke down. The treatment for hepatitis was stopped and now they try to save the girl. Besides, a hemorrhage has begun. While the liver is being irrigated, the function are not restored, haemoglobin - 90, that's why our blood donors did not donated yet. None of the doctors can diagnose the cause, they stopped taking all drugs, including hormones. Of course, her mother, and all people from our foundation have a shock. As it seemed, the treatment of hepatitis went on as usual. But doctors do not know what to do, not to adjust treatment, not to change. Doctors from Kyiv can not tell anything without a child as well. We have to rely solely on Natasha's young organism.

News of 25.09.09.

Unfortunately, the appeal to medical institutions did not give any result. Despite the coclusion of Professor of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of AMS (Academy of Medical Sciences) of Ukraine, M.D. Vygovska Y.I. about the use of "Novoseven", health chiefs who are obliged to treat Sashko and Natalia, say that non-staff children's hematologist in Chernivtsi doesn't treat with the help of Novoseven which means it is not needed. As for the treatment of hepatitis, they respond that they give free "Ribavirin" and therefore doesn't have to do anything else, while knowing full well that "Ribavirin" is used in combination with "Intron", which we buy for the charity money. It is a pity that medicine in Ukraine is not fulfilling its main function - maintaining the health of citizens, but these are the realities. Based on the responses received, we will write to the Ministry of Health, but it will not be a surprise if we are treated there as a troublesome fly. At the present moment we rest our hopes only on benefactors who help Zhukov's family financially. There are funds for Natalia's treatment for hepatitis, and Sashko's just waiting for the beginning of his treatment — there is no money to buy medicine for both children. And the purchase of "Novoseven" is out of the question for now.

News of 21.09.09.

Report about expenditure on medicine purchase (on collected money)

Total 6354 UAH

News of 15.09.09.

In September, Natalia and Sasha must pass analyses for the presence of hepatitis C virus in blood using PCR method. If only Natalka's treatment brought positive results already, so the efforts of all who help these children were not lost in vain!

News of 14.09.09.

Pavlo Dryhush - EUR 100 (transfer system UNIStream)
Volodymyr — UAH 500 (cash, in the foundation, benefactor wishes to remain anonymous)
Great thanks for your help!

News of 08.09.09.

Vadym Mikhnevych — UAH 300 (transfer to an account in UAH)
Convier - EUR 20 (cash, in the foundation, benefactor wishes to remain anonymous)
Hearty thanks from all those involved in fundraising for the treatment and, of course, from Zhukovs family: Sasha, Natalia and mother Alla!

News of 28.08.09.

The bank requisites for UAH account have been changed. The corrected account information is already on the site. If someone couldn't transfer money, we beg your pardon, unfortunately, we are faced with unprofessional bank employees. Now it is possible to pass money to account.

News of 18.08.09.

Oleksii Liubetskyi (Chernivtsi) — UAH 50. Thank you very much!

We contacted the suppliers of intron-a in chemists' network. By August 25 they have promised to provide us with a medicine of long expiration date. We have ordered it for month and a half of treatment, so there were no problems with supplying.

News of 17.08.09.

There are problems with the purchase of intron-a. For the time being, the chemist's, where we bought this medicine, may provide only intron-a valid to 09.2009. Unfortunately, such medicine is not sold freely in Chernivtsi, you need to order only. We'll look for intron-a via the Internet.

News of 14.08.09.

Today financial help from Chernivtsi Regional State Administration in the sum of 12,000 UAH was given to Alla, children's mother. This is encouraging news. It is always nice when your efforts are not missing for nothing. This money gives confidence that the minimum possible semi-annual treatment of hepatitis for Natalia will not stop and we hope that it will be successful. Hearty thanks to deputy chief Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Mr. O. Grushko for the assistance given to us. Of course, this money does not solve all issues, but taking into consideration that there are certain problems with money gathering, this is a great help.

News of 12.08.09.

Today Natasha and Sasha's mother has got financial aid for children treatment, which was provided by the executive committee of Chernivtsi City Council. That strange sum on paper in the amount of 2352 UAH 94 copecks turned into 2000 UAH 00 copecks when handed (taxes deducted). We appreciate any amount provided for children treatment. Thank you.

News of 11.08.09.

According to the results of meeting with the mayor and deputy chief of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, a welfare for the treatment was allocated to Zhukovs by the executive committee of Chernivtsi City Council in the sum of UAH 2352,94. Moreover, Chernivtsi Regional State Administration decided to allocate UAH 10,000 for children 's treatment, though this money wasn't received yet. This, of course, little things comparing to the cost of medicine, but it is important, that we attracted attention of local authorities to the issue of Zhukovs family.

News of 10.08.09.

Today morning, Alla, children's mother, told us the latest news. Unfortunately, Sasha's analyses for hepatitis worsened sharply. Most likely, interferon and ribavirin, that are available, need to be distributed among two children. The treatment postponing can lead to worse consequences for Sasha. Unfortunately, money is not coming, so the purchase of Novoseven can't be done at the present. The status of money gathering is such that there is no enough money for two children treatment for hepatitis. But nobody is going to lose heart. We will fight for the health of Sasha and Natalie.

News of 27.07.09.

We are grateful to IT Group team for placing our banner for 2 month on the site of Chernivitsi information and entertainment portal

News of 25.07.09.

Created the Group "In Contacts",

Created the Group in "Classmates" - "help to Natalia and Sasha Zhukovs" — via Volodymyr Bogdanov, Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Besides, some topics for helping Zhukovs were created in the forums:

"Motherhood" -

"MaxyBaby" -

"UAUA" -

"LikarInfund" -

News of 23.07.09.

We try to connect directly with the manufacturing company of Novoseven. There is a representative office in Kiev, Novo Nordisk. We have written to them asking for medicne in the form of charity or discounts. There is no answer yet. The problem is that there is no money for Novoseven purchasing, and this is needed at least for a while, until getting some support from the state. According to Ukrainian laws, Novoseven must be provided free. However, the laws implementation in Ukraine — a sort of impossible task for officials. Together with another charitable foundation we are trying to breach the wall of indifference of officials from medicine up to the Ministry of Health.

News of 21.07.09.

Money incomings:the benefactor, who wished to remain anonymous, has bought intron-a for a 2-week course of treatment for Natalia and delivered it personally to the girl's mother.This costs UAH 1625.

Elena Iakoubtchik, Eugeniy Dobrenko (USA) - UAH 1200
Whasup (USA) - UAH 1500
Great appreciation to them! Your money helped very much and came in time. We ordered intron-a for another month course of treatment. In addition, the regional children's hospital promised to provide ribavirin for another month of treatment. Natasha's treatment of hepatitis will not stop until the end of August for sure. Unfortunately, there is no money for buying at least one vial of Novoseven yet.

News of 15.07.09.

Since the mid of June they began Natalia's treatment by alpha-interferon and ribavirin. Medicines were given by regional children's hospital for a month with buying by mother. On further treatment no hospital has the medicine, nor mother has the possibilities. It is not allowed to break the treatment, as this may lead to worsening of the disease. At the same time getting the ribavirin leads to a reduction of hemoglobin. All this is added to bleeding. We have organized a meeting with the Mayor and the deputy chief of regional administration. It is useless. They promise to provide money and the executives are at a loss — there is no money. Just feed us with promises, pleading to the lack of money. There is a vial of Novoseven in the city, but all requests to medical direction of health protection department to give the vial lead to failure, they say " when hemoglobin falls to 30 — then we'll give". Nataltka needs Novoseven very much just now until she is able to receive interferon and ribavirin. At that, interferon comes to the end. They give ribavirin in the hospital so far. All incomings will be spent on buying interferon and Novoseven. The situation is complicated, that's why Sasha's treatment wasn't started yet. And time presses ...