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Recommended treatment and its cost
Thursday, 18 June 2009 17:12
   Natalka and Sasha Zhukov must take Novoseven - blood coagulation factor VIIa produced by Danish company Novo Nordisk for treatment thrombastenia. Novoseven is an effective tool for substitution therapy at various types of bleeding. The introduction of Novoseven maximally activates platelets in the place of damage of a patient and allows to lead a full life. Novoseven should be taken throughout life. For the maximum effect, following doctors' recommendations, 5 vials should be taken a year. The cost of one vial is about 24000 UAH ($3150, EUR 2285) at the moment. 10 vials should be taken by two children during a year; it is approximately 240000 UAH ($31580, EUR 22860).

   The annual course of treatment the hepatitis C should be taken, the most expensive medicine is alpha-interferon and ribavirin. The break in treatment leads to worsening in the health state.

   The cost of alpha-interferon or its substitutes (Intron-A, Roferon-A) — 250 UAH ($33, EUR 24.5) per injection. It should be taken every other day. In general — 365 injections a year, it's about 91250 UAH ($12000, EUR 8690).

   The cost of ribavirin or its substitutes (rebetol, ribarin) — from 12 UAH ($1,6 or EUR 1,2) to 44 UAH ($5,8 or EUR 4,2) needed per day. During a year the sum for pills necessary for both children is from 8760 UAH ($1150, EUR 835) to 32120 UAH($4230, EUR 3060).

   The total amount for the first year of complex treatment the thrombastenia and hepatitis C is from 340000 UAH ($44730, EUR 32385) to 363000 UAH ($47810, EUR 34610).

   For the following years after the recovery from hepatitis C it is still necessary about 240000 UAH ($31580, EUR 22860) for thrombastenia treatment per year.