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Children Who, Who Love Dear St. Nicholas...
Friday, 19 December 2008 00:00

Children who, who love Dear St. Nicholas
Children who, who obey St. Nicholas—
They're the ones that won't be missed,
And their wishes will be blessed
By St. Nicholas.

Look upon our happy, smiling faces,
Come delight us with your blissful graces.
Don't forget to bring some treats,
Presents, peanuts and some sweets,
Dear St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas together with us has also visited Chernivtsi regional mental hospital, children's department.

All kids were very happy and greeted the saint with smiles, rhymes, songs and even dances, which they carefully prepared with their tutor. In general, childen like art very much, there is even a place in department where their works are demonstrated. St. Nicholas gave presents to everyone for their diligence.

The Foundation granted to this department toys and footwear, which have been gathered by Desyde Ltd and Yukon-Software employees; and also a new refrigerator has been bought.