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Immediate help
Friday, 20 November 2009 13:25

The Foundation helps

The help is rendered to children (under 18 inclusive), disabled and other people, who are in absolute necessity, via hospitals, boarding schools, disabled people societies and other institutions. The help is almost exclusively au naturel (medicines, provisions, living essentials etc).

For help it's necessary to indicate (if it's possible) the exact address of the establishment where the help is intended to be given, the telephone number for feedback and contact person. In case the help is asked by the relatives, they should provide:

  • petition from the establishment where the help will be given (hospital, polyclinic, boarding school,disabled people society) with the specification of kinds of help is necessary.

  • to write an appplication on the director's of the Foundation name.

 The material help will be given immediately (when the appropriate donations available) and when it's possible in necessary volume. The purchase of necessary items, their transporting and documents for the action is at the Foundation expense.

Note: as far as the size and the term of necessary help rendering are connected with the donations availability from direct benefactors, and to amke them do this — is a hard deed which requires resources using, the Foundation expects aid of relatives and close people of the person who needs help. It can be done in two ways:

  • - the participation as a volunteer (as a courier for mail delivering, looking for potential donors etc) - not less than 40 hours; -

  • - donation to the Foundation — 10 % from the size of necessary help.

 To place the request of help for a child on site it's necessary to send the following information to the address of the site:

  • a child's photo (or several, for e.g. before and during the illness)

  • a story of your grievous situation

  • an extract from a document that verifies your treatment in the medical institution (it is desirable to indicate your doctor's in charge name and telephone). It is obligatory to give the name of medical institution.

  • Requisites for giving financial help (any branch of any Ukrainian bank). There it is necessary to indicate: Beneficiary bank, BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of recipient, name of the recipient, Account number of recipient, OKPO code or ID code (if physical person), Purpose of payment.

  • contact telephones of parents (mobile and home, if there is), home address.

  • to write an application addressed to the director of the Foundation

Telephone for information: +38 (0372) 559719

Documentation for downloading:

the sample of application for informational help with the right to publish child's data
the sample of application for informational help without the right to publish child's data
the sample of application for getting the welfare