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Let's help together Natalka and Sasha Zhukov
Wednesday, 17 June 2009 19:35

 It is impossible to explain why this happened to them. Something may be attributed to heredity, something to statistics, something to banal coincidence or inexplicable «fate». But nothing explains why Sasha and Natalia undergo such an ordeal.   Natalia Zhukova is 14 years old. Her brother Sasha — 18. Doctors have diagnosed them with " congenital thrombastenia (Glanzmann's disease). There is a terrible disease in these words, it makes every day as the struggle for life. Any scratch leads to bleeding, which is impossible to stop at home and incoagulability takes place. Kids always need blood transfusion. During one of the transfusions the virus of "Hepatitis C" was brought to children. According to statistics, 20 people out of 100 with hepatitis C have cirrhosis as a result, 5 people out of 100 die from the effects of chronic hepatitis C (liver cancer or cirrhosis). To avoid these consequences, it is necessary to have course of treatment.

All ordeals with the children fall on mother's shoulders (Alla Zhukova), who brings her children up  alone because her husband died. Of course, maximum of the time she devotes to children treatment but not work. The salary which mother gets and disability pension of children is only enough to existence, and not for treatment.   The mother did all that she could. For a long time she has been struggling for life and health of children without assistance. Children were examined by the best specialists in Chernivtsi, Lviv, Kyiv. The treatment has been prescribed, but it is so expensive that is beyond family's strength. The monthly treatment of each child costs more than 15000 UAH. The real chance for normal life at such diagnosis can be only after the whole year treatment.   Let's help this courageous family. The mother does not lose self-control and hopes for the help of good people to purchase medicines. For each spent day the family is grateful to God and people who want to help them. If you are not indifferent to the fate of Zhukov family, we plead for your help. Children need your support: material and informational and moral.Material support

  • to give what one can
  • to help in searching the benefactors
  • Buying medicine: Novoseven (10 vials per year), alpha-interferon or Intron-A, roferon-A (365 vials, 3 m of units each), ribavirin or rebetol, ribarin (1460 tablets, 500 mg each)
Informational support
  • to provide data about these children to your close relatives and friends
  • to help in adding advertising block in the mass media and press
  • to suggest possible effective ways of fundraising and, if possible, participate in them
  • to provide information about various charity foundations and societies, the names of influential people for further addressing for assistance, and opportunities to reach them
  • to add information at your site
Moral support
  • Prayer for the health of Natalia and Sasha
Chernivtsi Regional Charity Foundation "Yukon" took the obligation for searching donor blood for Sasha and Natalia. For these purposes we give blood of donors of our foundation. Besides, the foundation spreads the information about the necessity of help to ill children by all known means. All of the incomings are used only to treat children. We will publish all charitable contributions for their treatment at the site Moreover, we will write news about children's health status and treatment undergone.Our goal — to gather money and buy medicines for the treatment of hepatitis C (treatment for the whole year) and thrombastenia (for constant treatment). This requires approximately 360000 UAH ($47000, €34000) (the cost of treatment ).To indicate the exact amount is difficult due to the jumps of national currency against dollar and euro and the corresponding changes in prices for medicine. (Click here to learn about the ways of money transfer to provide charitable contribution to Natalia and Sasha Zhukov ). For more information, you can address directly to Alla Zhukova by phone +3 8 050 2107150, and to the Executive Director of Chernivtsi Regional Charity Foundation "Yukon" Volodymyr Bogdanov, contacts: +3 8 095 8371450, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ICQ 383075636