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Giving to Charity Makes Your Life Richer

In our life for the most time we are egoists,...


The blood of donors from our foundation helps to save a person

Today at the request of the Chernivtsi Regional Blood Center...



Charity Hour
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 16:10

Long before the Foundation setting the idea of helping people in need arose, assistance to those who can't manage woraday routine. The employees of “Yukon-Software” and “Desyde” companies are sensitive and ready to respond to the call of those who need this. But how to do it so it was not the one-time aid, but a constant one”?

The form of its realization was made up – “Charity Hour” - our first project. Each employee may make his contribution in such a way – to work extra hour once a week, and money collected during this time will be used for charity needs. One may think one hour a week is not enough as far as those who are in need are so many...But hour by hour, “drop by drop” and here we are, not the first month we go on realizing the idea systematically. We collect ideas among employees concerning money and its usage for charity needs. Books of income and expenses are kept.

We appeal to companies and associations of the town and region. Isn't it a good idea to suggest our system at your place? Maybe the enthusiasts could be found who wanted to help but didn't know how.