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A Friend in Need...
Wednesday, 06 August 2008 00:00

When you are ill with such a disease like haemophilia, your life is a constant ascent and descent. The worsening comes unexpectedly, at that, a timely and correct treating is very important. Not only health but even life frequently depends on this.

Preparations made of donors’ blood in large quantities are necessary for treatment. But our hospitals are in great need for blood, that's why it's necessary to solve the problem by own possibilities. Fortunately, nothing is lost when there are people ready to help in difficult moments of life. More than once my colleagues helped in such cases, donated their blood. Now they are participants of the project, do this regularly. Donating – is a noble act; figuratively speaking, a donor gives a part of his soul with a blood.

I am obliged to these people for the good they do!

Dmytro Rezhko