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To Be Lucky

All people start and end their course of life equally....


A help to the patient of the regional oncologic dispensary

Today at the request of Chernivtsi Regional Blood Center,...



The Meaning of Charity
Thursday, 07 August 2008 00:00

Charity. If to consider the meaning of this word, it is a simple word on the one hand. But on the other – it has a great sense. In fact, the conception is well-known to everyone, and everyone understands why it is necessary, but few can realize it in practice. The idea or decision should mature; the same way was done by us – from ideas, reflections “is it worthy or not”. And after some time we started doing something. We started from small – helped people who surrounded us, and who were in need for elementary things, such as: medicine, clothes or, even, food. It's difficult to realize for someone but there are a lot of people around us who need charity, and during this help we started to draw friends, relatives to the project. Thus, step by step, an idea of setting the organization which could be a connecting-link was born from the little idea. It will help to reach new level and to cover as much people as possible.

Andriy Bartkiv