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When you are ill with such a disease like haemophilia,...



Giving to Charity Makes Your Life Richer
Wednesday, 06 August 2008 00:00

In our life for the most time we are egoists, we think only about something good for ourselves. But if we think about other people, especially those ones who have some problems that we don't have, that are poor, or ill, or ... Then we could start understanding that we can do something to change their life to better.

A lot of ambitious human beings want to change the world... They are trying to do this but see no results. One of the ways to change the world - is to start giving to charity. Before doing this you should win the first battle - the battle with yourself, with laziness and indifference. Giving to charity will bring sense to life of those people who are frequently in depression and in bad mood. This will give you power to understand your great positive influence upon the world as you will see the results of your actions - happy eyes of the human beings you helped to.

All religions mention charity as the way to become nearer to God. But even if you don't believe in God you may find your own way in life by giving to charity - helping people will help you to understand that you have all the possibilities to improve the world - just try!

Leonid Rozenblium