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Share Your Blood, Share the Part of Your Soul
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 16:06

Blood. What does it mean for us? It runs through veins and arteries of our body. Its main task is supplying all organs and tissues with oxygen, nutritive materials. Besides, blood executes secretory, thermotaxic, regulatory, homeostatic and protective functions. Thus, its significance in human organism is extremely important, and the loss of the third part – is dangerous for life. Quite often there are situations when blood transfusion is necessary utterly. Just because of such case we began to think about problem which exists – the problem of blood donorship.

Thousands of people need blood transfusion every day, they keep balance between life and death. In many cases only this can save life to a person. This happened to our friend... We decided to help. Since that time we regularly donate blood to rescue someone's health or life. When one learns about this problem, he can't stay aside any more. For most people financial side of donorship is not of top priority.

Donorship has a range of other advantages – you save somebody's life and, simultaneously, improve your health. Every time after blood donorship it is restored at cellular level. This, in its turn, strengthens the immunity, influences very positively the health. There is a range of privileges for donors provided by the Law .A donor who donated blood gratis 40 times in the maximum permissible doses or blood plasma – 60 times in the maximum permissible doses, becomes an Honourable donor. A donor who donated blood and its components gratis 100 times and more in the maximum permissible doses may be rewarded with government award of Ukraine. A donor may become any person of 18-60 years, who doesn't have any contraindications for blood donating (infectious diseases which can be transmitted via blood).

But you must remember that only with proper preparation to the blood donation, it will be useful and can help. A healthy life-style should always be kept, but special attention must be paid on the eve of blood donation, not to harm patients. What should be done, read here

The procedure of blood taking is rather simple. The reception is conducted if passport with residence permit is present. But data provided by you are confidential and are not disclosed to the third parties. You get to know informational materials and fill in a form, signing that you have understood the procedure. The doctor examines in detail skin, mucous tunic, lymph nodes, lungs and so, determines the suitableness for donorship. Also, a blood test is made (this is one more advantage. You can check the state of your health free of charge).The aim of this project–
  • the informing about usefulness and necessity of doonorship, because the lack of information among people about the procedure of blood donating and its advantages is one of the main reasons of such a great deficiency of donor blood in Ukraine;
  • the propaganda of unpaid donorship;
  • the stimulation of as much people as possible for such necessary and humane action as donating.
We have created bank of blood and bank of donors in the charity Foundation «Yukon». The blood which was donated into our bank is used in the project «Immediate Help» for those who need it instantly and who don't have the possibilty to find donors by themselves. Our donors are ready to come and help at any time in any medical institution in Chernivtsi.

We invite you to join us. Your decision may become vitally important for somebody!

To help: The address of regional centre of blood service: Chernivtsi, Ukrainska str, 36


To join our volunteers who will help you and give advice:Tel: +8 (0372) 55-97-19 Address: Bohdan Khmelnytsky bystreet, 3-a