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Help Mentally Ill People
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 15:52

"A sound mind in a sound body...”
Unfortunately, today it's not like this very often – meaning “sound mind”. The increasing of mentally diseased people worries medical men in the whole world more and more, because mental disorders are at the second place at significance after cardiovascular diseases.

They affect people of any status, age, not paying attention to education or place of residence. Present-day life is extremely dynamic, full of events, constant pressure and movement. We are in the state of constant stress. Especially overstrained situation is for the latest decades, when quite many discoveries, displacements and changes happened, that took much more time before. And more – the problem of freedom in choosing, economic circumstances, political changes and instability.

We don't have time to adjust ourselves, to get accustomed to; the necessity of mastering the large amount of new information also lead to neurotic state, stresses. The attempt to suppress, to “cure” a stress state mostly happens with the help of alcohol or drugs, which on the contrary is injurious to health, causing also physical disorders.

Usually we try not to notice people with mental disorders, to avoid them, thinking it may happen to someone, not to us, to our close people. But there are facts that such trouble may happen even to completely healthy people. Indeed, there are hereditary mental diseases, but stresses and neurotic state – are concomitant for a contemporary man. It is necessary to treat such people in good time and with high quality, but mental hospitals can't afford themselves many things. For example, for patients' nourishment a scanty sum is assigned and premises need repairing long ago...

Charity foundation “Yukon” decided to help Chernivtsi regional mental hospital in improving conditions. It became our first large project in the context of charity. Our plans – repairing works of premises, purchase of medical apparatus and equipment and other help. Perhaps you have any thoughts and ideas concerning help to the hospital and these people. Then, join us. If there is anyone who needs our help, we certainly must try to help.

Don't turn away from these people. They are the same as we are. Just more sensible to outward things and need more care. As they say: ”Only foolishness can't be incurable, mental diseases may be cured”...


To help:

The address of Chernivtsi regional mental hospital:

Musorgskogo str, 2

Chernivtsi, 58018


A little bit of sad statistics, promulgated. It may be presumed that there are much more of unrecorded cases...

  • 450 million people in the world are ill with some mental disease, and some of them are ill with several;

  • shortly, mental disorders will become part of five diseases, which lead to disability;

  • approximately 2 million people in Ukraine receive treatment in asylums every year;

  • Ukraine is at the first place in Europe for the quantity of mental disorders!

  • 10% of people in any country have some neuropsychic disorders (in Ukraine 50% of population suffer from depression and neurosis)