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Let the heart be healthy

Our foundation together with a group of volunteers has started...


The Meaning of Charity

Charity. If to consider the meaning of this word, it...



About the Foundation
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 15:30

Chernivtsi regional charity foundation “Yukon” is created on initiative of Yukon-Software and Desyde  working collectives in 2008. The foundation was registered in July 24, 2008 by The Main Administration of Justice in Chernivtsi region as a nonstate unprofitable local charity organization. August 14, 2008, the state registration of the Foundation was held by the executive committee of Chernivtsi city council (rada). (Downloading documents: Certificate of registration 1, 2, 3, 4; Certificate of the Ministry of Justice 1, 2.)

The foundation is governed by the Constitution of Ukraine, by the Laws of Ukraine by other government regulations and by its Statute.